• Standard size card: 86mm(Width) x 54mm(Height) x 760 micron / 30mil (Thick).(same ISO standards as credit card). We can make any size according to your requirements.
  • CR80 (standard thickness as credit card) is 0.76mm . Other thickness is also available. For example. 0.18mm, 0.38mm, 0.64mm……
  • Full color process on one or both sides.
  • Hole punching – slot, round, various sizes and shapes are available.
  • Sequential numbering or individual serial numbering with provided database.
  • Signature and custom signature panels are available
  • Scratch-off overlay panels for special promotions and contests.
  • Hi-Co or Lo-Co Magnetic stripe encoding on tracks 1, 2, or 3.
  • Barcoding in multiple formats available.
  • Multiple finishes like Matte, Frosted, or UV coated.
  • White stock PVC, Clear, or Frosted Clear.
  • Foil Stamping in gold or silver for a brilliant attraction.
  • Metallic colors in gold or silver for a sparkling look.
  • Full card design service is available

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